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The Gollop Wallop 7

The Gollop Wallop returns!

Tournament Format

Chaos Reborn creator Julian Gollop will be on the tournament site for an evening of live matches against randomly selected opponents. At the end of the evening he will set up as many asynchronous games as possible against players that didn't get picked.

Matches will played using the new 'Classic' mode with 1 minute turn timers and 20 turn games. VPs should be on to avoid the possibility of any draws.

The challengers scores will be tallied up against Julian's to determine the overall champion.


Sunday 7th June - Start time 8pm (UTC)


  • You will need to be logged in to the Law & Chaos Tournament Site to enter the tournament and start a match, you can Log in Here. Please familiarise youself with how this works prior to the tournament to reduce wait times.
  • All Players are welcome
  • We will be using the Steam release of the Chaos Reborn so make sure you're onboard!

Please note if it is very busy not everyone will get the chance to play. Opponents are picked randomly from the players currently looking for a game. If you have already played Julian please don't look for a game again to give others the chance to play.

Tournament History

The score currently stands at Julian 5 - 2 Rest of the World, so bring your A game!

Watch All the Action Live

You will be able to follow all the live action as it happens using the 'Spectate' mode in the Chaos Reborn client. Please name your game 'Gollop Wallop' or similar to help people locate it.

The tournament client incorporates live chat for heckling/banter/encouragement

Catch up on Previous Gollop Wallops

Unstable Voltage recorded all the matches from the first tournament and produced a great highlights reel from the Gollop Wallop 2 along with commentary between himself and Julian.

Cheezopath streamed the action Live on Twitch and produced the following videos for the Gollop Wallop 2 - Part 1, Part 2