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C4 - Cold Cash Chaos Competition

Welcome to C4 - Cold Cash Chaos Competition

The first ever legal tender Chaos Reborn tournament. Sixteen wizards will fight to the bitter end for the only prize that is better than mana - money. The tournament is organized by Fire Water Gasoline, cheezopath and Ped.

Tournament Format

The C4 is winner takes all knockout cup tournament. 16 players will be drawn in to 8 1v1, best of 3 heats, the winner goes through to the next round. The tournametn final will be best of 5.


Sign up for the tournament is open until 15th March 2015. It is first come first served with a maximum of 16 participants. The tournament will begin on the 15th March, competitors will have a week to complete the matches for each round.


Please read the tournament rules before signing up.

Keep up to date with the Tournament

You will be able to spectate the matches in the Chaos Reborn Client as usual (players setting up matches please use a name involving "C4" to make it easy for spectators), FWG will be streaming his, and any other matches he sees as well as the semi-finals and final on his Twitch channel (which you can watch below). These will be available on his Youtube channel afterwards.

Matches Played so far:

Once the draw has been made the tournament rounds will be displayed on this page.