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How to use the Tournament Site

Getting started

First register a user here. Ideally use the same name you use in Chaos Reborn to make it easier to identify you.

Log in to the Tournament Site

Go to Tournament Client. Enter your username and password and click Login.

Join a Tournament

The currently running tournaments appear in a list down the left hand side of the screen, if you have not yet joined a tournament there will be a 'Join Tournament' button. If it is an 'Alliance' tournament you select which team you would like to join.

Finding a Match

Once you have joined a tournament click the 'Find Match' button to start looking for an opponent. If no one is currently looking for a match for the same tournament then a new lobby will be created. Your status in the Players list will show what kind of match you are looking for.

When the lobby is full then the first player sets up a private game in the Chaos Reborn client and posts the ID and password in to the boxes provided.

Once the other players have received the details they click the "I'm in" button. Once everyone has clicked "I'm in" the players are "locked" into the game and the scores can be submitted.

If you are not the first player in the lobby then you are greated with slightly different screens. When the lobby is full you wait for the first player to setup a match then post the details. You then enter these details in the 'Join Private Match' screen in Chaos Reborn then click the "I'm In" button.

Monthly Tournaments

Most of the tournaments start at the beginning of each month with the first round lasting for the duration of the month. Each tournament has a different number of qualifying places for the final which starts at the beginning of the next month.

You can play as many or as few games as you like. Each tournament has a different number of games that count towards your score. Once you've played those games you can carry on playing to help others play all their games and to try and prevent them from beating your score.

There is also an all time set of leaderboards based on an ELO rating, every tournament game you play counts towards this score so there is always an incentive to win and to keep playing.