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Some of the creatures have special abilities. Understanding what these do and how best to use them can turn the tide of a battle in your favour.


Shatter Ability

Dwarves have the shatter ability, this enables them to remove a weapon from an enemy wizard when they attack. It has to be a direct attack against the wizard so a mount needs to be killed first to be able to remove a weapon. Only 1 weapon is removed per attack, they are removed in the following order - Bow - Sword - Shield. The success rate of Shatter is 100%, it will always remove a weapon from a wizard that it attacks. This should be considered particularly when the enemy wizard is shielded when planning your move order.

Swoop Ability

Eagles have the swoop ability this provides an attack bonus when they are attacking from a greater height than their target. This can provide a significant advantage so positioning of eagles on the move before they attack or as a defensive unit is very important.

Spider Web

The first time a spider attacks an enemy unit the % shown is the chance to web the unit, this prevents the unit from being able to attack and move. A unit gets a chance to free itself from a web every turn, other creatures can also free the trapped creature from the web by attacking it. If a spider successfully attacks a webbed creature it will kill it. Spiders can web undead creatures but can’t kill them.