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Click on the name of a creature, the chances of it killing all other creatures and the chance of them killing it will appear below.

NameAbilitiesAttackDefenceAgilityMagic PowerMovementRanged AttackRanged DistanceHeight 
Bloodlust Totem Structure 040000003Edit
Dwarf Shatter 2060107011021Edit
Eagle Swoop Modifier: 10 Flying 103030104002Edit
Elephant Bulldoze Attack Increase: 120 Mount 409010402003Edit
Elf 1020707022042Edit
Fountain of Life Structure 030000003Edit
Giant One Time Shot 120100107028034Edit
Goblin 303060302002Edit
Gooey Blob Growth 10200200001Edit
Guardian Totem Structure 040000003Edit
Hellhound Undead 3040405035032Edit
Hydra Multi-Attack 70280901202004Edit
Lion Leap Modifier: 40 404040203002Edit
Magic Tree Growth 05001400003Edit
Manticore Mount Flying 4040506031032Edit
Paladin Retaliate Undead Slayer 5070301002003Edit
Pegasus Mount Flying Sacrifice 103020904003Edit
Rat 101020103001Edit
Sapphire Dragon Flying 701102014034033Edit
Shadow Tree Growth 30700300003Edit
Skeleton Undead 301060502002Edit
Spider Web Attack: 90 305030503002Edit
Spider Web 070000000Edit
Tangle Vine Growth 02000300004Edit
Unicorn Charge Bonus: 20 Mount 204030703003Edit
Vampire Undead Flying Leacher 304050603002Edit